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I contacted James in 2015 to ask him about product photography to help create a visual identity for my products. I met with James at my house and we talked for a good hour about my products and discussed how we could market the product. James was patient and listened carefully.

I return to James for my product photography needs because he completes work quickly, consistently and cost effectively. I am now in a position where I am looking to start advertising my product in trade-related magazines and I will be asking James for the images.

I decided to created these Packshot photographs for Alan for a number of reasons. Mainly because of the fact his business was fairly new I believed he would get more from his images as Packshot photographs. By ‘cutting out’ these products and placing them on a pure white background Alan can now use these in any way he wants. He can use them for packaging, for web, for catalog or as part of an advertisement.

The images were made in my Bristol studio and lit with a light on a boom arm above the subject. The subject was placed on a plastic shiny background with shadows added in post processing.

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  • Sharon

    Do you offer photography specifically for Amazon?

    • James

      Hi Sharon,

      Apologies for the delay. Yes, I do indeed offer product photography specifically for Amazon. I can also fully prepare the files so you only need to upload the image to the Amazon listing.

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