Elegant & Stylish Product Photography

With a studio in Bristol, we specialise in high-quality product photography to effectively and accurately market your products or services.

Product Photographer Bristol & Bath

James Billett is a product photographer in Bristol with a fully equipped product photography studio. From the studio he creates persuasive product photographs to define your brand and help your business sell your products or services.

If you would like to discuss your product photographs contact James today for a free consultation.

Amazon, Etsy, Not On The High Street (NOTHS) Photographer

James has over 7 years experience working small businesses who sell their products through online selling channels such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Not On The High Street. He understands the importance of getting every detail correct.

Good photography is an investment in your product and helps your products you keep ahead of the competition and ensure your product maintains a high ranking on the platform that you list your product on.

Each selling channel has a certain requirements for images and James can guide you through these and suggest the most effective way to market your product.

White Background Product Photography

What is white background product photography? White background product photography is a form of product photography where a product will be photographed and then ‘cut out’ in Adobe Photoshop and placed on a pure white or transparent background.

White background photography is often used for selling product online or product packaging photographs.




Website & E-commerce Photographer

Every website that sells a product or service requires product photographs to highlight the value of the product or service for sale.

A product or service for sale will always be judged on its weakest offering. Have you ever browsed a product to find the first photograph makes the product look incredible and the next is a grainy, out of focus image which completely undermines your confidence in a product? Don’t be this website.



Packshot Photographs

Packshot photographs or packshot photography is an old term that isn’t used as often any more. It used to be related to a product photograph for product packaging. These days the majority of products are sold online and do not require packshot photographs.

Packshot photographs are typically photographed on a light grey or close to white background and then ‘cut out’ in Photoshop to be placed on a pure white background either on the web or on packaging.



Advertising Photography

Advertising photography is a broad term but is most often used when working with an advertising agency. It is not unusual for a photoshoot to be very complicated, involve a lot of planning, assistants, and produce only a handful of images in a day due to the quality of the photography being so high.