James Billett is a commercial photographer in Bristol who creates persuasive imagery for local and national businesses.

Prouct Photographer

Serving the whole of Bristol, Bath and Somerset, products can be delivered or photographed on location. With over 7 years of experience as a product photographer in Bristol, James can create persuasive images that work work hard for your business.

Photography Studio

With a photography studio in Bristol, James is able to accomodate both small and large products as well as art directors and assistants for large shoots.

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Does your business need persuasive packshot photography in order to STAND OUT?

James offers high-end packshot photographs on pure white backgrounds, with the option of shadows or reflections, or none at all.

What is a ‘packshot’ photograph?

A ‘packshot’ is a photograph of a product which is cut out and placed on a pure white background (or a transparent background).

What is a packshot used for?
Packshot photographs are ideal for your website and any e-commerce sales channels including eBay, Amazon, Etsy and more. Packshot photographs can also be used for packaging design.

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James Billett works with Estate Agents in Bristol and Bath to provide visual solutions for property marketing. James has over 7 years of experience working in the property sector and works with regional and national companies.

Property photography is one of my signature services and something I am incredibly passionate about. With years of experience in the industry I can advise about what looks good and what requires some change.

Beautiful images are created by finding the best angles and using as much natural light as possible.

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